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Buying tickets at the box office

The box office is open during events, except when organized by third parties, that handle their own ticketing. The box office will sell tickets for any event that Doornroosje handles ticketing for. As a rule, the box office will open 30 minutes befor the start of the event. We accept cash, PIN or creditcard.

Buying tickets at a reseller location

There are several locations where you can walk in to buy our tickets. These do not provide online sales.

Stadsschouwburg and Concertgebouw De Vereeniging sell tickets online and by telephone for shows in collaboration with Doornroosje that take place at either of these locations.

The box office at the Stadsschouwburg
Keizer Karelplein 32H – NIJMEGEN
tel: +31 (0)24 3221100 (tue through sat 12:00 to 16:00)

The Waaghals record stores in Nijmegen and Arnhem
Achter de Hoofdwacht 7 – NIJMEGEN
tel: +31 (0)24 3223922
Walstraat 15 – ARNHEM
tel: +31 (0)26 4452238

The Kroese record stores in Nijmegen and Arnhem
Molenstraat 126 – NIJMEGEN
t.: +31 (0)24 3221346
Rijnstraat 31 – ARNHEM
t.: +31 (0)26 3705116

For directions and opening hours, see the resellers’ websites. An additional fee may be asked. Doornroosje can not be held responsible for the policies and level of service of its resellers. We are open to comments about them, however, through our Contact page. We will act, should a conflict with our own policies occur.

We are only responsible for the information provided through or by direct contact with Doornroosje, not fro information provided by our resellers.

Buying tickets online At this website you can buy tickets 24 hours a day. Usually all our tickets are available online. There may be affiliate websites that have integrated our online shop to sell tickets for events in which they are involved. These may only sell tickets for those shows we collaborate on. Our online ticket sales system is called ActiveTickets. To buy tickets online, you have to create an account. This only serves for purchases from our website. All ticketprices are inclusive of all costs.

Creating an account Click to open the menu at the top right of the website and then click ‘Login’. Click on the ‘Register’ link on that page, enter your details and click on ‘Create account’. The e-mail address will be validated to ensure a working address is being used. You will be receiving your e-tickets or newsletters at this address. You can now login via ‘Login’. Onced logged in you can view and edit your data via ‘My account’, where you can also review your completed purchases. Now you can also select and buy tickets.

Buying online 
In the calendar or on the details page of an event you can click on ‘Tickets’ to enter the ActiveTickets sales process. Select the type (when more than one is available) and number of tickets  and click on ‘Next’ to proceed to checkout. Choose between the payment methods and follow the screens for the method you selected. This part of the procedure is screened from us too, but once the payment has completed, this is reported back to our website.
An e-mail will be sent automatically to the address in your account. Attached will be the e-tickets. These are pdf files to print and bring with you to the show. They contain the barcode that will be scanned on entrance and additional information that we can use to retrieve the tickets in the system when needed.

There are several payment platforms:

  • iDEAL. This is payment by online banking with a Dutch bank account. For more information and a list of currently joined banks, see the iDEAL website.
  • Giropay. This is a german version of iDEAL. You pay with your german bank account. See the Giropay website.
  • Bancontact MisterCash. This is a belgian version of iDEAL. You pay with your belgian bank account. See the MisterCash website.
  • VISA. This is a well known creditcard. See the VISA website.
  • Mastercard. This is another well known creditcard. See the Mastercard website.

Some individuals and websites will offer our tickets for sale without our approval. Usually these tickets will have a much higher price and we do not guarantee the validity of these tickets. More information on this subject can be found on the Weet Waar Je Koopt website.

General terms and conditions

The reproduction, redistribution or sale of our tickets and e-tickets in any way is prohibited.

Any purchase or order through our websites or at a box office is final. Tickets that were purchased will only be refunded if the activity is cancelled or is changed significantly.

Doornroosje/Merleyn retains the right to adapt or cancel planned activities. In case of a significant change relative to what was announced at the moment of purchase, the buyer is entitled to reimbursement of the purchase sum, or replacement tickets, to be decided by Doornroosje/Merleyn.

Access to activities requires a ticket, purchased at our box office or at a reseller address, or a printout of an e-ticket, purchased at our website or through an affiliate.

Opening hours for our box office depend on our activity schedule.

Did you encounter any problem buyng tickets, or do you have an other question or remark?

Please refer to our helpdesk, either by phone (+31-243554243), or by e-mail.

You can also register your complaint or question through our contact form.

Also see our complaints policy, our privacy policy, the description of the order process and our answers to frequent questions.