Bell Witch


Bell Witch

+ Fuoco Fatuo

Tuesday 22 August 2023
Tuesday 22 August 2023
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

Nothing is bigger than life. That has been proven by American doom metal duo Bell Witch time and time again over the years. It’s the ultimate embrace of suffering, death and loss in human existence.

The monumental and much-praised album “Mirror Reaper” from 2017 was a melancholy requiem, a tribute to the late Adrian Guerra, former member of the band. Bell Witch incorporates both endlessness and claustrophobia, cultivating a sense of time outside of time, an oasis in an ever more hectic media culture.


For their latest album, “The Clandestine Gate”, bassist Dylan Desmond and drummer Jesse Shreibman have been looking to expand their sound even more. Just like on “Mirror Reaper”, the new work consists of just one singular composition of 83 minutes – a piece that pulses and breathes on a filmic time scale. It’s the first chapter in a planned trilogy of extended albums under the “Future’s Shadow” concept. With this first chapter, Bell Witch once again proves to be one of the leading metal bands of today. This is not just doom metal, it’s way more than that. It a search for deep integrity and fragility with an intriguing reflection of the human soul. The result is a remarkable and overwhelming experience that will leave an impression for a long time.


The support act is just as special: Fuoco Fatuo. This Italian band makes an oppressive kind of funeral doom. It’s slow and sludgy, accompanied by desolate-sounding grunts. Their albums find their way to humanity via Profound Lore Records, a label with an ear for quality.


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Bell Witch

Tuesday 22 August 2023