Sonic Whip

Delving + Iron Jinn

Tuesday 26 November 2024
Tuesday 26 November 2024
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

Delving is the project of Nick DiSalvo, best known as front man of psychedelic rock band Elder. With Delvin, DiSalvo has an outlet for a project with a wide array of influences and sounds, ranging from psychedelia and krautrock to early electronic and ambient music.

Debut album “Hirschbrunnen” is an experience and proves that DiSalvo is at home in all kinds of genres – stoner rock, psych, prog and beyond. At the same time, he never loses sight of the art of writing beautiful songs. Each one is a brilliant, inventive composition. This is a deep and dreamy trip to a musical universe of one of the most creative and progressive songwriters in the heavy psychedelia scene. The second album is coming out soon, once again through Stickman Records. It is a good opportunity to invite Delving back to Nijmegen after their magical show at Sonic Whip earlier this year.

Dutch psychedelia band Iron Jinn are label mates of Delving. Their debut, which came out last year, is a hectic affair that follows dream logic, so basically none at all. The nine songs are the result of a chaotic pile-up of impressions, information and conversations from the modern world that are force-fed through a human funnel: the ghosts of band members and founders Oeds Beydals and Wout Kemkens.


doornroosjepas, rock, psychedelic rock


Delving + Iron Jinn

Tuesday 26 November 2024