Fat White Family

Fat White Family

+ The Christian Club

Wednesday 29 May 2024
Wednesday 29 May 2024
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

It took over five years, but the enfant terrible of British rock & roll is finally back. Fat White Family is going to release their new album “Forgiveness Is Yours” on 26 April through Domino Records. The album will be preceded by the single ‘Bullet of Dignity’. The band will perform material of this new album in Doornroosje.

The five-piece is well-known for their chaotic live shows. It’s not that strange either, as the band throws basically every genre in a blender, including glam rock, country, post punk, electronics, psychedelic rock, blues, garage rock, electro rock, electro funk and even Gregorian choirs. With the colourful music of this London band, you can basically expect anything to happen. The new single has influences from postpunk, electro and psychedelic rock in it. Even more strikingly is the video of ‘Bullet of Dignity’: the dress code on set was clearly ‘as little clothing as possible’. Add some creepy dolls, blood-soaked butchers and a kissing Santa to the mix and Fat White Family have made their mark once again.

As for the album, frontman Lias Saoudi says the following: “The album is about life as eternal contingency…about no longer suspecting but knowing that this shit will never get any easier… in fact it’s about to get a whole lot worse your body’s going to go into decay and the people you love will slowly start dropping dead around you…but somehow you’ve smashed enough of your expectations thus far in life you’re sort of fine with it…you accept it.”


psychedelic rock, rock, indie, post punk


Fat White Family

Wednesday 29 May 2024