Sonic Whip

Rotor + Bismut

Wednesday 19 April 2023
Wednesday 19 April 2023
doors open:
21:00 uur
start show:
22:00 uur

The sympathetic, groovin’ Germans of Rotor have been in Nijmegen multiple times for live shows. They’ve played some exquisite sets before here, like as the closing act of Sonic Whip 2022. Their show tonight is in support of their new album “Sieben”.

Musically speaking, the band finds itself in between heavy psychedelic rock and stoner. Their sound features exciting, extended, mostly instrumental compositions with lots of wah wah pedals. These often end in sonic eruptions that allow both spacing out and headbanging. Rotor sounds like the love child of late-era King Crimson and Kyuss, only without the vocals. Every time the band performs in Nijmegen, the crowd is yelling for more at the end – which isn’t all that strange if you consider songs like ‘Vollast’.

It is up to Nijmegen trio Bismut to kick things off. The band has had a fine year. They’ve been excellent at Dynajam, Down The Hill, Zeeltje, Krach Am Bach and Taberas Desert Fest. They’ve been on a terrific club tour as well, mesmerizing the crowd with their organically layered progressive, heavy, psychedelic compositions.


rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock


Rotor + Bismut

Wednesday 19 April 2023