The Bony King of Nowhere

The Bony King of Nowhere

Thursday 9 January 2025
Thursday 9 January 2025
doors open:
21:00 uur
start show:
22:00 uur

The Bony King of Nowhere is the alter ego of Belgian singer-songwriter and musician Bram Vanparys.


His previous album, “Silent Days”, came out in 2018 and that one was a surefire hit according to critics. Five years later, its predecessor, “Everybody Knows”, is finally coming out. Of course, part of the long sabbatical was due to the Covid period, but Vanparys also had to struggle with a creative drought of almost two years, which made him wonder if he had anything left to say as a writer and musician. It was a low point in the career of a musician who doesn’t wish to repeat himself. The necessity to reinvent himself after the success of “Silent Days” was bigger than ever, but the road to a new sound was long and sometimes devastating.

Musically speaking, “Everybody Knows” continues the theme of breaking with the past that “Silent Days” had as well. Whereas the predecessor was a very personal album, Vanparys is turning outward on this new one. Newspapers, TV, and social media are sources of inspiration. with this album, Vanparys wants to share his personal views on society, fully realizing it’s just one opinion in a world that immensely crowded, complex and layered. Firs single ‘Are You Still Alive’ deals with this theme, in which the impact of social media on happiness and connection is handled. Artistic evolution and the urge to create are crucial to The Bony King of Nowhere, following in the footsteps of his influences Nick Cave, Mark Hollis and PJ Harvey.


pop, singer songwriter, folk


The Bony King of Nowhere

Thursday 9 January 2025