Sonic Whip

10000 Russos + The Gluts

Portuguese trio 10.000 Russos release their records through London-based label Fuzz Club Records. Insiders already know what to expect based on that label: psychedelic fuzz, kraut and drone.

The typical transcendental, minimalist sound of renowned bands like Neu!, Suicide and Faust are clearly an inspiration. 10.000 Russos give it a very modern twist however. The machine-like, repetitive percussion, woozy vocals, aggressive guitar riffs, Pedro Pestana’s experimental loops and driving basslines get stuck in your head as one extended psychedelic monolithic trip. Just listen to the most recent album “Kompromat” from 2019 and let it wash all over you. Live on stage especially the band truly rises to the occasion, as this is music you have to experience for yourself!

Italian band The Gluts are label mates and you can hear that as well. “Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip” is the title of their most recent album from 2019 and is pretty accurate of their music as well. This is heavy psychedelic noise and fuzz, close to the sound of a band like A Place To Bury Strangers – who coincidentally share a producer, Bob de Wit. The Gluts are raw and intense and a perfect opener of the night.