The renowned band 10cc is coming back to Nijmegen for another show full of classic sing-a-longs like ‘I’m not in Love’, ‘The Wallstreet Shuffle’ and ‘Dreadlock Holiday’. The band has sold over 30 million albums so far worldwide. In the seventies the band was a major chart topper and they were regarded as one of the most creative and colourful bands in the world. Despite releasing anything new in recent decades (the latest release, “Mirror Mirror”, came out in 1995), the band has resumed touring in recent years, selling out venues along the way all over the world. Front man Graham Gouldman: “We don’t just see the people we’d expect to show up to our performances, the ones who grew up with our music, but we also see plenty of younger ones coming to our concerts.” Expect a quality show with plenty of their greatest hits!

Note! The performance takes place in De Vereeniging, Keizer Karelplein 2D in Nijmegen. For this concert only fixed seating arrangements are available.

Photograph: Reinout Bos.