Amaranthe + Follow The Cipher + Warkings

Swedish hit machine Amaranthe is coming to Doornroosje for the third time. And once again they are going to promote a brand new album, this time one called “Helix”. Their catchy, modern, melodious metal is refreshed with some electronic influences this time, while their refrains are still to die for. It’s not that strange that their shows, records and videos are immensely popular.

The collective, fronted by singer Elize Ryd, has been scoring one hit after another. Songs like “The Nexus”, “Drop Dead Cynical”, and “Maximize” have been viewed millions of times on Youtube. “Helix” is the successor of “MAXIMALISM” from 2016 and sounds like the wished-for successor of “Nexus”. Their sound on this new album is heavier and less polished than the two most recent records. The band has turned over a new leaf and is completely self-sufficient nowadays. it is impressive that they’re only getting more and more popular in the process. With their high entertainment factor this is going to be a night to remember!

Follow The Cipher from Sweden and Warkings from Greece will be the support acts for tonight.

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