After The Great Storm Tour 2021

Ane Brun

Stockholm-based Norwegian musician Ane Brun didn’t start playing guitar and performing on stage until she was 21 years old. Her intimate music embodies the darkness of long Scandinavian winters, something that can silence any crowd. She keeps delivering fairytale-like songs with a layered and dark edge, belying the influences of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. She has managed to win over crowds at numerous festivals and concert stages.

With the announcement of her new single “Don’t Run and Hide” she has also announced the release of a new album that’s expected this fall. With every new release she is trying to break new grounds to avoid stagnancy. For this album she collaborated with her new band members Felisia Westberg (bass guitar), Lovis Samuelsson (cello, percussion) and Siv Øyunn Kjenstad (drums).