Anna von Hausswolff

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Since her debut, Swedish musician Anna von Hausswolff has managed to impress and develop herself musically in styles like post-rock, progressive rock, doom metal, modern classical, ambient and church music. On her most recent album “All Thoughts Fly” Anna paints a picture of a new dreamworld involving mysticism and the desert.

The album came out in 2020 through the Southern Lord label of Greg Anderson, well-known from the band Sunn O))). On this album, Von Hausswolff takes a brave but impressive forward in her career by going fully instrumental on a church organ. Any other instrumentation, like vocals and guitar, are not included. There’s a constant tension on each of the songs. Even though her playing style is very minimalist, by using organ drones and layered sounds she manages to create a very dynamic blend of sound an imagination.

This is going to be a very special listening experience in quadrophonic (!) set-up. Von Hausswolff is going to perform “All Thoughts Fly” integrally on one of the most remarkable organs our nation has: the monumental König organ in De Stevenskerk. The organ was built between 1773 and 1776 by Ludwig König from Cologne.

Photo: Gianluca Grasselli