Antimatter is a melancholic, progressive rock formation hailing from Liverpool. The band, led by Mick Moss, has been around for over 20 years and has become a fixture of the British prog scene. Antimatter has released seven albums so far, with “Black Market Enlightenment” being the most recent one and also the reason for this show on Dutch soil.

Antimatter was founded in 1997 by Mick Moss and Duncan Patterson, former bassist of Anathema. The music was characterized by melodious vocals, gorgeous guitar parts and menacing synths. Patterson and Moss had released three albums before Patterson decided to leave the band. Mick Moss continued the project on his own and released several more very well-received albums, which includes the aforementioned “Black Market Enlightenment”. It is an album full of suspenseful prog rock with fantastic vocals and thought-provoking lyrics that are a trademark of Antimatter’s work. The album is like a new chapter, seamlessly following in the tradition of the band’s previous work.

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