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Baba Commandant + Senyawa

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14 Nov 2018
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American label Sublime Frequencies has been enriching the music world with beautiful releases by Omar Souleyman, Group Doueh and many others, and is specialized in finding non-Western gems. Next to music they also release numerous books, documentaries and films. Tonight they are proud to present two live acts on their roster: Senyawa (Indonesia) and Baba Commandant (Burkina Faso). Musical host of tonight will be Sublime Frequencies’ label owner.

Senyawa, hailing from Yogyakarta, consists of Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryardi. Traditional Indonesian music is at the core, but the duo uses techniques from experimental genres to give it a wholly unique twist of their own: hardcore metal, improvisation and traditional music played with an intensity as if it were punk. Singer Shabare uses vocal traditions from the island in his singing but is also an accomplished grunter, as is tradition in metal.

Suryardi plays home-built instruments with names like ‘Gary’, ‘Bambu Wukir’ and ‘Aker Mahoni’. During performances the duo also uses home-made electronics to manipulate the sound of the vocals and instruments. They have shared the stage so far with heavy-weights in the improv scene like Trevor Dunn, David Shea and Keiji Haino.

Baba Commandant comes from Burkina Faso and was born as Mamadou Sanou. He started off as a dancer and later joined groups like Dounia as a musician and a singer. He also joined the support band of Burkina Faso’s biggest star: Victor Démé. Baba Commandant plays the ‘ngoni’, a traditional instrument of the Donse, who are traditional hunters in the Burkina Faso and Mali regions. Most important influences of Baba Commandant are Nigerian legends Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade, but inspiration also comes from Moussa Doumbia, perhaps best described as the Mali answer to James Brown. All of these influences can be heard on Baba Commandant’s debut album “Juguya”.

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