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Balthazar is back after a three year sabbatical. The Flemings released their fourth album called “Fever” earlier this year. “Sabbatical” may not be the best description though, as both front men and songwriters (Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere) both worked on solo projects. They toured separately and released solo albums. Devoldere released two albums full of lush art-jazz under the name of Warhaus. Deprez reveled in his love for old-school R&B and released a solo album as J. Bernardt.

The freedom to strike out on their own was good for Balthazar. Strengthened by a wider artistic canvas and mutual respect for each other’s solo work, they decided to write music together again. Without any concrete plans; just with a simple intention to become even better than before and continue the band’s story. The result can be heard on the new album “Fever”. The sound is looser, fresher, a bit less melancholy but still with strong hooks and very pleasant flows. Or, in the words of Devoldere: “Some songs felt like classic Balthazar pop songs, others were a bit more cheerful. It wasn’t until we recorded the song ‘Fever’ that we had a structure to work from for the rest of the album.”