Blood Red Shoes + Queen Kwong

British duo Blood Red Shoes has been active since 2004 with their punk and grunge inspired rock music. And with success, as the duo has travelled all over the world doing numerous successful tours. After a period on the road with some highs and lows they now return with a brand new album called “Get Tragic”. This is the first time the band returns to Doornroosje since their previous show in 2008.

Blood Red Shoes consists of two enthusiastic troublemakers Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. This Brighton-based duo have a sublime rock & roll line-up: he’s on drums, she’s on guitar. They share vocal duties equally. Since 2004 they have been touring the world almost non-sto. They don’t like to stick to what’s familiar, so they tend to branch out towards a more electronic sound at times as well. Even though the two seemed inseperable for a long time, they went through a rough period and it took some time for them to play music again. This all led to their new album “Get Tragic”, which came out on 25 January.

The tension and fighting, caused by heavy touring, led to a split a few years ago. Both branched out on their own and other tragic events, like a motor accident and heavy drug use, also kept them from getting back together. While the split was not permanent, but all of this tragedy did give them a renewed purpose and energy.

On their new single “Call Me Up Victoria” there’s a new Blood Red Shoes in town, one in which the tragedy and self-acceptance have led to a refreshed sound and a new chapter. The first single “Get Tragic” is also very promising and we expect another terrific live performance, as we’ve come to expect from them after previous successes at Doornroosje and the Valkhof Festival.

Bekijk de foto's (Queen Kwong)
Bekijk de foto's (Blood Red Shoes)