Body Count feat. Ice-T + Crisix

Wed 13 June
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Body Count is back in tha house! The legendary metal band with the world-renowned front man Ice-T within its ranks returns to Doornroosje after three years.

Together with guitarist Ernie C, this legendary gangster was at the cradle of the cross-over between metal and hip hop, even before Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park came onto the scene. The band was very controversial with songs like ‘KKK Bitch’, ‘Evil Dick’ and of course the infamous ‘Cop Killer’.

The album “Manslaughter” from 2015 turned out to be a glorious comeback for the band. Ice T once again rails against the establishment and the violence in his home country, the USA. This year its successor, “Bloodlust“, came out. This is another terrific metal album with a monster production and the aggression that we love to hear from Ice-T. Be prepared for a violent set with both classics and new hits.

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