Camilla Sparksss

Barbara Lehnhoff, better known as Camilla Sparkss, is coming back to Nijmegen. Her second album “Brutal” came out in April 2019. This album features an instinctive mix of experimental lo-fi electronic pop and melodious collages, performed live with turntables, heavy synths and vocals that cut to the bone. She has played in Nijmegen before at the Valkhof Festival in 2013 and now we are very happy to welcome her to Merleyn.

The Swiss-Canadian singer, songwriter and visual artist is also known from her work with post-punk band Peter Kernel. She was born when it was minus 27 degrees in a small village close to the Great Lakes but quickly decamped to Switzerland thereafter. Live on stage Camilla Sparks is engaging, appealing and a bit dangerous: exactly the way we like it.

Students: for this show SKIM discounts are available.

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