Sonic Whip

Colour Haze + El Perro

For over twenty years Colour Haze has been a leading band of both the German stoner rock scene and of the renowned label Elektrohasch that they run themselves. Stefan Koglek, front man of the trio, is at the charismatic end of the mesmerizing kind. His guitar-playing is effortless and detailed, yet heavy and intense when needed. During live shows the songs regularly turn into extended jams that always return in an organic fashion to the original song. The band is heavily influenced by music from the sixties, but don’t worry about long-winded cheesiness. The grooves are thick and bluesy, the heavy guitars have been rock-solid for over ten studio albums and numerous live shows. Their latest offering is “In Her Garden” from 2017. The band is currently working on new material and it is expected it’ll be done by the time their tour kicks off.