Cory Wong

Cory Wong, best known from his work with Vulfpeck, is a multi-talented (bass) guitarist, composer and producer. Wong is able to mix genres like pop, funk, soul, jazz, rock and rhythm&blues to a high quality whole.

He worked behind the scenes of a show like ‘The Voice’ for a while, he toured with Ben Rector and played on stage with legends like Gene Simmons, Questlove, Blake Shelton and Bootsy Collins. In his home town Minneapolis he used to play with Prince’s rhythm section during weekly jam sessions that also attracted Prince himself, John Mayer and Jimmie Vaughan. During these renowned jam sessions Wong met the members of Vulfpeck. It didn’t take long before he started to record with this band and joined them on tour full-time.

In 2017 Cory decided to strike out on his own again. With his first album he introduced the world to his musical vision. He released “The Optimist” later, with funky, catchy, playful and happy songs that are very hard to compare to other works. His music videos also help to make his music sound both retro and futuristic. New music is on the way but live Wong is an absolute must-see.

photo: Galen Higgins