Cult Leader + Coilguns

Tue 2 July
  • Normaal€ 13,00
  • De prijzen zijn inclusief alle kosten.

American band Cult Leader released one of the heaviest albums of 2018 with “A Patient Man”. The album came out through Deathwish Records, the label of Converge front man Jacob Bannon. Musically they’re close to Converge, although their sound is a bit heavier and blunter. You could call it sludge core, as far as there’s any tag that fits their sound. It’s not All Rage All The Time though, as the band knows when to slow down as well. This results in gorgeous, suspenseful yet sinister songs like ‘A World of Joy’. The band rose from the ashes of grind core collective Gaza and they have proven themselves as a live band again and again. Live shows are astonishing, intense and hard as nails. Perfect for Merleyn!

Swiss band Coilguns is rooted in hardcore and punk. Their sound has evolved more towards industrial and noise in recent years, without losing their original DNA. The new album “Millennials” is once again hard as nails, mechanic and rough, enough to put a steamroller to shame…

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