Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something

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7 Oct 2018
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Daniel Brandt is not just founder and band member of the German electro-acoustic ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, he also has a solo project.

At the end of last year his solo debut “Eternal Something” came out on the label Erased Tapes. Running up to the recording sessions of that album he experimented with several new instruments, and collaborated with a number of different musicians. On his debut album he plays all of the instruments except for the trombone (played by Florian Juncker), the ‘hang drum’ (played by multi-instrumentalist Manu Delago), and the cello (played by Andrea Voss). This fall a brand new album is planned to come out through Erased Tapes.

Brandt himself about his debut album:

“The original idea was to make an album with nothing but cymbals. I wanted to surround myself with cymbals and nothing else. I locked myself up in my dad’s cabin and only then did I realize that my plan wasn’t feasible. There was an emptiness that had to be filled by other instruments. I suddenly had a very clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted the songs to come alive on their own, not to overthink them. I wanted songs with an explosive energy, dance music that didn’t sound like club music. This album is about my failure to accomplish my original plan but also about the journey to the end result.”

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