Dopelord + Lifelong

Sludgy, heavy and massive: three words that fit the sound of Polish band Dopelord perfectly. Their gloomy doom riffs are also rife with psychedelic elements that are mind-blowingly effective. Influences from bands like Black Sabbath are easy to discern, but when a band manages to present it as well as Dopelord then that’s really just a compliment. Their performance at Soulcrusher 2019 was one of the day’s best and the perfect closing act to the festival. Now we are happy to announce the band’s return to Nijmegen, this time for a headlining show in Merleyn. The successor to the album “Children of the Haze” from 2017 is coming out soon.

Black Sabbath meets Cro-Mags. Or: simply the dark side of the blues going wrong. Members of Arnhem-based band Lifelong have had a rich past in hardcore bands like New Morality and Strike First before they decided to slow down the tempo and seek salvation in stoner metal. Some traces of hardcore are still present of course, still sticking to their roots. Their most recent album “Seul contre tout” is an explosive package of stoner, doom and hardcore, a representation of the harsh reality of living in a city’s back alleys.

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