Drab Majesty + SRSQ

Thu 26 September
  • Normaal€ 13,00
  • De prijzen zijn inclusief alle kosten.

American duo Drab Majesty offers a sound that brings you all the way back to the gloomy eighties of the previous century. When hearing these compositions you’ll hear traces of bands like Chameleons, Roxy Music and The Cure.

Their music is best characterized by languid, guitar-drive songs supported by chilly synths, tight electronic beats and heavily pulsating sounds. Add to this the unique vocals of Deb Demure and the strong compositions and you realize that this band has struck gold. Both gentlemen, who dress all in white with styled, oversized dark sunglasses, have been releasing terrific records over the years. The 2017 album “The Demonstration” was praised universally. The Los Angeles duo have been on the rise for a while, playing sets at Roadburn and Grauzone. Now it’s time for a show in Nijmegen! The new record “Modern Mirror” is about to be released.

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