Sonic Whip

Ecstatic Vision + Temple Fang

We love double bills in Nijmegen! Especially when we can present two terrific hard-rocking bands that always excel live on stage: Ecstatic Vision and Temple Fang.

The American quartet of Ecstatic Vision sounds like the trippy younger brother of The Stooges, Monster Magnet and Hawkwind. Extended, exciting psychedelic songs with fuzzy riffs and sprawling guitar solos, that’s their calling card. It’s a live band through and through, with shows frequently turning into ecstatic sonic happenings. The new album is coming out soon through Relapse Records.

Temple Fang is pretty much the Dutch equivalent of Ecstatic Vision, still one of the best kept secrets in our country. Not for long though, as these men have been on the rise recently with a series of terrific performances. Their shows at Sonic Whip and FortaRock were both fantastic. The combination of seventies rock with spacey sounds and clean vocals are a treat for the senses and very engaging.

Highly recommended to fans of the Grateful Dead, Earthless, Captain Beyond, Blue Öyster Cult and Hawkwind.

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Bekijk de foto's (Ecstatic Vision)