Elephant Stone

Canadian indie rock band Elephant Stone is the brainchild of front man Rishi Dhir. Dhir is a singer, bassist, songwriter and sitar-player and is part of a trio of musicians that also includes Miles Dupire and Gabriel Lambert. Elephant Stone creates a unique sound through their love for classic Indian music with instruments like the sitar, tabla and dilruba.

Among their inspirations are The Stone Roses, which is a band that’s a personal favorite of Dhir and also inspired the band name. On their new work Elephant Stone sounds a bit heavier, a bit closer to bands like Oh Sees and King Gizzard. Their sound is an eclectic mix between pop, rock and psychedelia. Recommended to fans of Temples, Black Angels, Tame Impala and Allah-Las. Their new album “Hollow” is coming out through London label Fuzz Club. For this album the band worked together with members of The Horrors and Black Angels.

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