Ex Eye

What would you get if you combine the forces of New York top musicians Colin Stetson (sax), Greg Fox (drums), Toby Summerfield (guitar) and Shahzad Ismaily (bass and synths)? An overwhelming musical experience under the name of Ex Eye that doesn’t only hit hard mentally but also physically.

Colin Stetson is no stranger to Nijmegen and Doornroosje. Through his inventive use of circular breathing techniques Stetson is in a league of his own on bass saxophone. This time he is joined by his experimental super group Ex Eye. With this band he demonstrates that his thirst for boundary-crossing experimentation hasn’t been quenched yet. Not only is he capable of playing several notes at the same time, he also uses his bass saxophone as a percussion instrument by drumming the air valves. Metal, noise, jazz and experimental music: Ex Eye combines all of these in a challenging whole. The high-paced tempo of percussionist Fox (Liturgy) and the monstrous riffs of Summerfield and Ismaily (Secret Chiefs 3) fit Stetson’s adventurous spirit like a glove.