Decapitated + Beyond Creation + Ingested

Lorna Shore + Viscera

Modern death metal of the highest order tonight in Doornroosje during this Faces of Death Tour with the Polish metal machine Decapitated as its headliner.

When Decapitated was founded in 1996 the average age of its members was a mere 14 years old. It has been over 20 years since then, a period in which the band released seven albums. And there’s not a single minor work among these albums! The metal of this Polish band is rock solid: ruthless, highly skilled and a destructive force that’s catchy at the same time. Live shows are both loud and tight. The influences of Meshuggah shine through more clearly on stage, and that’s meant as a compliment. We have had the pleasure of seeing this band three times before in Nijmegen and they have become better and better with each show. Get ready to be crushed!

Decapitated is joined by a number of terrific support acts. High quality demolition work tonight comes from Canada’s Beyond Creation, England’s Ingested and Viscera from the United States.

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