Finn Andrews + Reb Fountain

Finn Andrews, also known as the front man of The Veils, recently released his first solo record, “One Piece at a Time”. Andrews’ solo work is slightly less polished and raw, but it’s still very familiar. That’s no surprise of course with his very typical voice.

As song of XTC band member Barry Andrews, Finn was born in the London district of Camden Town but moved to New Zealand at a very young age. He founded The Veils over there and managed to get a record deal with the renowned record label Rough Trade Records. For their debut album “The Runaway Found” he worked together with Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. This debut album is one of the most remarkable and impressive ones of that year and the band name was immediately established.

On the cover of his solo debut there’s a picture of a nine year old Finn in 1992. Andrews was thinking of doing a solo album for a longer time but it was triggered by a broken relationship and a move back from London to New Zealand. As opposed to the sound of the most recent Veils album he prefers a more intimate, melodious and tastefully arranged album for his solo debut. It’s mostly recorded live in the studio: pure, authentic and straight from the heart.

Bekijk de foto's (Reb Fountain)
Bekijk de foto's (Finn Andrews)