Folk Road Show

The international indie folk collective Folk Road Show is anything but a conventional band. The quartet consists of Dom Fricot (Canada), Benjamin James Caldwell (Australia), Olaf Caarls (Netherlands) and Nick Petrowich (Canada). Since the band was founded in 2014 they have gone on ten separate tours, both through Canada and Europe. Their folky Americana sound, mixed with pop and indie influences, and served with harmonies – think of CSNY or Fleet Foxes – could turn any venue into an intimate theater setting. Each of its members contributes to the songwriter and lead vocals, while instruments are switching hands constantly as well.

In slightly more than four years the band has played no less than 350 shows. They started off on the streets and squares of Europe, working on their first album by playing live, and eventually they started getting invites from larger venues and festivals: Paradiso, Paard van Troje, Patronaat, Hedon, De Nobel, Oerol, Parkpop, Zwarte Cross and Welcome to the Village all had them on stage. Their debut album came out on the American label Classic Waxx in 2016; in the fall of 2017 the album Gold followed, which was produced by Town of Saints front man Harmen Ridderbos. The band is currently working on a successor.

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