Föllakzoid + Go March

The spaced out kraut-rockers of Föllakzoid from Chile make music inspired by the cosmic legacy of CAN and combines this with progressive electronics.

The trio consists of guitarist Domingo García-Huidobro, bassist and singer Juan Pablo Rodríguez and Diego Lorca on drums. The band takes its inspiration from ancient Andes music and translates this in a subtle manner with hypnotic krautrock, all with strange time signatures and layered psychedelic arrangements. In 2009 Föllakzoid started off with their own studio and record label called Blow Your Mind. In 2015 their most recent album “III” came out.

Recommended for fans of Spacemen 3, Kraftwerk and modern psych bands like Suuns and Camera.

Bekijk de foto's (Go March)
Bekijk de foto's (Föllakzoid)