Frayle + The Fifth Alliance

Fascination for witchcraft, black magic and the occult is never far away for the Cleveland-based Frayle. The band’s core still consists of vocalist Gwyn Strang and guitarist Sean Bilovecky. Their own brand of doom metal is unique in its kind.

Their debut album “1692”, released last year through Nijmegen label Lay Bare Records, is a logical successor to their first EP “The White Witch” from 2019. Their heavy doom still has a hypnotizing effect and the vocals of Strang fit in perfectly with their dark, blood-curdling soundscapes. There are influences from Chelsea Wolfe, Sleep and even Portishead in the extended songs. This is a terrific soundtrack for a dark night in October.

The Fifth Alliance hails from Breda and have been making the rounds with their ruthless sludge metal. The five-piece band with front woman Silvia Berger released their 2019 debut “The Depth of the Darknessā€ through Belgian quality label Consouling Sounds. These songs are oppressive and engaging, with the gorgeous and subtle intros all leading to heavy sludge metal with blast beats, tremolo riffs and chilling screams.