Habib Koité & Bamada

Habib Koité is one of the most influential singers from Africa; he is also immensely popular there. The Malinese has been to Nijmegen on several occasions so far. He is a renowned guitarist and is well known for the unique way he plays his instruments, using a so called pentatonic type of tuning which results in his music evoking both blues and flamenco: two styles that musician Khalilou Traore taught him.

Habib Koité combines the best of Mali’s rich traditional heritage with quality strands of blues and pop music. His exuberant, highly skilled guitar-playing and soft, hoarse and melodious voice appeal to fans of pop and world music worldwide. His albums are always big hits on the world music charts. Habib sings in English, French and Bambara and will perform tonight with his usual backing band Bamada.

“Habib Koité’s reputation as a guitar player has become almost mythical combining rock and classical techniques with Malian tunings that make the guitar sound like a kora or ngoni.” – The New York Times

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