Haken + support

In the past decade, London-based progressive rock band Haken has grown into one of the frontrunners of the neo-prog scene. Their diverse sound, both in terms of instruments as in styles, makes them unique: they are highly skilled, creative and extremely dynamic. They have fully mastered their instruments and are even capable of complex harmonies.

When Haken debuted in 2010 with the album “Aquarius”, reviewers already predicted a bright future for the band. And Haken has lived up to those expectations gloriously. Their latest album (with the telling title “Virus”) is a modest masterpiece. This album is the successor of the equally successful “Vector” and “Affinity”. Their drive and hunger to come up with something special in these strange times is clearly visible in their works. Just listen to terrific songs like ‘Invasion’ and ‘Prosthetic’. The sound is characterized by suspenseful symphonic sounds, virtuous guitar-playing and heavy drum parts. Front man Ross Jennings’ voice frequently results in goosebumps. Even though expectations are high, the band does not wish to disappoint. “We don’t like to make simple music”, as Ross Jennings said. This is recommended to fans of Dream Theater, Leprous, Devin Townsend, Porcupine Tree and Ayreon. This is going to blow everyone away; you can count on that!