Hexvessel is the brainchild of Mat ‘Kvohst’ McNerney, former singer of black metal bands Dødheimsgard and Code and current frontman of Grave Pleasures (formerly Beastmilk). With Hexvessel he is taking a completely different approach.

Kvohst is British by nature, but he has been living in Finland for quite some time now, a country with a rich mythological history that inspires him. This has resulted in what he refers to himself as ‘Psychedelic Forest Folk Rock’. In February 2019 the fourth album “All Tree” came out, an album that he wrote at a campfire deep in the Finnish woods. At its center is the connection between myth and nature, inspired by old fables and stories. The band has played at a large number of festivals so far (including Roadburn) and now Hexvessel is coming to Merleyn for a show with a more intimate setting.