Hollie Cook + General Roots

The tropical pop of Hollie Cook with her warm voice and positive energy is one of the best remedies against winter depression. Her father was drummer with The Sex Pistols, her mother sang with the Culture Club and her godfather is Boy George. With a family like that Hollie’s musical talent seems to be genetically induced, although she takes her talents in completely different directions.

Her music is often described as ‘tropical pop’, in which the tropical part mostly refers to reggae. Her second solo album “Twice” is a contemporary reggae album. Traditional reggae elements are enhanced by elements from disco, Brazilian percussion and string, while Hollie’s vocal melodies still keep it rooted closely to the pop genre. The album was created with the help of reggae legend Horseman and top producer King Fatty. Live Hollie is all about good vibes: expect a great show with an enthusiastic performance and a tight band.

Bekijk de foto's (General Roots)
Bekijk de foto's (Hollie Cook)