The Levitation Tour

Jeremy Loops + James Hersey

South-African musician Jeremy Loops released his new album “Critical as Water” earlier this year and his tour also brings him to Nijmegen.

Jeremy Loops has been working on a boat touring the world for two years. Due to a lack of other instruments he managed to cast most of his sounds from his loop station. It turns him into a very all-round musician, using elements from a very wide spectrum: hip hop, electronics and traditional African music all find a way into his overall sound. As the name suggests Jeremy uses his loop station as an integral part of his live shows.

Jeremy Loops’ music is an eclectic collection of sounds that he makes with his guitar, mouth-organ, ukulele and beatbox. Through loop-, echo- and distortion machines the sounds are manipulated into a unique, harmonic whole. With his mix of modern folk, hip hop, bluegrass, funk and blues Jeremy Loops fits in perfectly in the tradition of Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons, but his music is also recommended to fans of Jack Johnson, Ben Howard and Newton Faulkner.

For fans of layered songs, improvisation and audience interaction a show of this multi-talented beats and rhythm artists is a must.

Bekijk de foto's (James Hersey)
Bekijk de foto's (Jeremy Loops)