Jimmy Diamond + Severant

Tonight in Merleyn we are proud to present two bands that share their love for exciting guitar riffs and heavy grooves. Jimmy Diamond takes us to the Americana and roots rock of the seventies and drenched in contemporary indie rock. Music with raw guitar-playing and pedal steel are at the core of their epic sound.

The members of Jimmy Diamond are also known as the backing band of Tim Showalter’s Strand of Oaks. As Jimmy Diamond they strike out on their own, but with similar DNA in their veins. In the Fall of 2020 their first release “Airplane” came out. They are currently making plans for further releases in 2021, collaborating with Arjan Miranda (Black Mountain), the aforementioned Timothy Showalter and Martijn Groeneveld (Mailmen Studio, Utrecht).

Severant is a new and upcoming band from Eindhoven. They combine their love for the sixties with that for the early seventies, adding a bit of darkness to the overall sounds as well. Severant are inspired by bands like Pink Floyd and The Devil’s Blood, so expect gorgeous melodies and harmonies coasting on deep grooves and contrasting with heavy guitar riffs. Recently their brand new EP “Closure” came out on Lay Bare Recordings.