Jinjer + Hypno5e + Space of Variations

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Ukrainian metal band Jinjer is no longer merely a ‘band to watch’. The four-piece band managed to rise to the top of the international metal scene in no time. Their strength lies in adapting and combining numerous different styles: they find inspiration in death metal, progressive metal, rock and even skirts the edges of the grooves of nu-metal.

At the front and center of Jinger is charismatic singer Tatiana Shmailyuk that can handle both deep grunts and clear and clean vocals. Case in point: the most recent album “Macro” (2019). The Ukrainian band have a playfulness to their songs that has them switching from metal to reggae, and from death metal to progressive metal almost effortlessly, alienating none of their audience in the process. And the production is absolutely terrific to boot. Jinjer is the face of metal in 2021.

The Swedes of Humanity’s Last Breath are just as exciting, even if they go for a sound that’s very different from Jinjer. The deathcore they create is best described as ‘advanced demolition’. Everything has to be destroyed, albeit in a planned and precise manner. Their latest album “Välde” from 2020 reminds us of Thy Art Is Murder at times. There are worse comparisons! The songs are powerful and in-your-face, although they know when to pace themselves as well, enhancing the impact of their full force in the process. It’s a terrific support act for tonight.

Hypno5e from France is not easy to describe. The adventurous band produces music that doesn’t reveal its secrets all at once, yet distinguishes itself by its beauty. The cinematic songs have a slow build-up and eventually take you on an exciting rollercoaster of progressive metal styles – some of them ruthless, others very delicate in nature. Try to imagine a mixture of The Ocean, Gojira and Amenra. These are very skilled musicians as well, which shows on their latest gem of an album, 2019’s “A Distant (Dark) Source”.