Karsu, the young multi-talented vocalist, pianist and composer with Turkish roots, is going to release her fourth album in the fall. On 25 October she kicks off her club tour, which is going to be the first time she will play songs of the new record. Karsu is skipping the theaters this time around and doing a pop venue tour instead with her band.

Karsu is a Dutch musician, having started her career as a classical pianist and developing her sound ever since: a mixture of jazz, pop, Turkish traditional music and more. This time she found inspiration in the streets of China, in de Desa of Bali, and on the hills of Los Angeles, while she wrote the songs in the mountains of Southern Turkey. The new record is a mixture of English and Turkish songs that deal with the highs and lows of life. Karsu can take her audience to a state of melancholy in her more intimate songs, yet bring them to ecstasy as well when she and her band switch gears to more up-tempo songs.