Leaves’ Eyes + Mayan + Almanac

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29 Apr 2018
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Leaves’ Eyes is ready to conquer stages with the new front woman Elina Siirala. The band returns to Nijmegen, together with MaYaN and Almanac.

The Norwegian symphonic metal band, founded in 2003, has found their groove again with the brand new epic “Sign of the Dragonhead”. This is a massive and musically rich piece that blands catchiness with power metal, folk and classic symphonic metal.

MaYaN is the symphonic death metal band of Mark Jansen, founding member of bands like After Forever and Epica. In his own band MaYaN Jansen mostly focuses on grunts, with additional vocals from Laura Macrì and Henning Basse, which results in a very dynamic and diverse sound. That’s the biggest quality of MaYaN: mind-boggling complexity in its songs that are accessible at the same time!

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