The Eternity Tour

Level 42

Sun 28 October
  • Normaal€ 34,00
  • De prijzen zijn inclusief alle kosten.

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Level 42 is a British jazz, soul and funk group fronted by supperbassist Mark King. He became world-famous with his skilled ‘slap’ technique. In the eighties Level 42 scored numerous hit singles (no less than 16 top 40 hits in the Netherlands!), including songs like‘Love Games’, ‘Lessons In Love’ and ‘Running In The Family’.

Level 42 was founded in 1980 by Mark King, Mike Lindup and Phil and Boon Gould. When ‘Love Games’ came out in 1981 the band immediately struck gold internationally, winning the hearts and minds of many a soul and funk fan. The band was an immediate hit on the stage as well, while their songs were all over the airwaves in those days. Their quick rise to the top was partly due to the specific ‘left hand slap’ bass sound of Mark King that is nowadays as eighties as shoulder pads and big poodle haircuts. Add to this the harmonies of King and Lindup with falsetto background vocals and you have the ingredients for Level 42’s successful jazz, soul and funk blend.
During this new tour the Dutch fans are in for a treat: not only will they play new material, they are bound to play their largest hits as well.

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