From Eternity To Here

Level 42

The pop funk icons of Level 42 are coming back to Doornroosje with all of their hit songs. Almost everyone above the age of 30 knows Level 42; that’s the level of ruthless catchiness of the songs of these Brits. Super bass-player Mark King is world-famous because of his slap technique. In the eighties the band scored worldwide hits with songs like ‘Love Games’ and ‘Running in the Family’. In the Netherlands they had no less than 16 top 40 hits.

Level 42 was founded in 1980 by Mark King, Mike Lindup and Phil & Boon Gould. With ‘Love Games’ the band had their breakthrough to a worldwide audience in 1981, winning the heart of many soul and funk fans in the process. Their fresh, up-beat funk pop sound is embraced not only live on stage but also on the radio.

The characteristic ‘left hand slap’ bass sound of Mark King is almost synonymous with the eighties, the decade of shoulder pads and big hair styles. At the heart of the band’s sound are the bass style, the harmonies and falsetto backing vocals of King and Lindup.