Little Big

Rave-formation Little Big is often regarded as Russia’s answer to ‘Die Antwoord’. The titles of their songs “Everyday I’m Drinking”, “Russian Hooligans” and “Life in da Trash” immediately demonstrate what Little Big represents: hard-boiled rap and nasty electronic beats.

With their downright bizarre yet brilliant videos on YouTube they make fun of all the Russian clichés about vodka and weapons, resulting in streaming numbers as big as Siberia. Vodka weighs heavy on their themes, yet the Sint-Petersburg-based band also puts a finger on the harsh reality of everyday life. Little Big isn’t a mere rip-off of Die Antwoord; instead, it’s more of a logical follow-up. Just watch the video of hit single ‘Skibidi’. Don’t hurt your head over the meaning of the word, as it doesn’t mean anything. And to cite their first album title: “With Russia From Love”.

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