Marc Broussard + Julian Velard

Marc Broussard is an artist with the unique gift to bring together classic rhythm and blues, rock and soul to a contemporary context.

Music had been passed on to him by his father, guitarist of The Boogie Kings. Aged 20 he released his first EP, which immediately resulted in a record contract. After ten years of releasing albums through a number of different labels he has decided to strike out on his own now. His latest release “Easy to Love” came out in September 2017. This album gave Marc Broussard the chance to play a lot of blues, soul and jazz festivals. Broussard’s music, with just an acoustic guitar, is enchanting enough; tonight he’ll be accompanied by a band however. He will blow you away with his terrific combination of styles.

As support we welcome Julian Velard. The American singer-songwriter became famous in our country because of 3FM. Julian makes beautiful piano pop with a wide array of themes, first and foremost of which is New York.

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Bekijk de foto's (Marc Broussard)