Valkyrja + Doodswens

For the first time since 2010 the Swedish panzer division of Marduk is going to return to Doornroosje! And it’s a special occasion as well as they are celebrating 30 years as a band. Getting your socks knocked off with a beer in your hand: who wouldn’t want that in this day and age?!

In the early nineties Marduk was one of the pioneers of the Swedish black metal scene (with bands like Nifelheim and Dissection) and took the world by storm when black metal received worldwide recognition. The band has made a number of classic albums in the past like “Those of the Unlight” (1993) and “Opus Nocturne” (1994), but they are certainly not done yet. For what it’s worth: from our perspective the band has been steadily working on a winning streak ever since “Rom 5:12” came out in 2017. “Wormwood”, “Serpent Sermon”, “Frontschwein” and their latest “Viktoria” are all terrific albums.