Mayhem + Gaahls Wyrd + Deströyer 666 e.a.

+ dead Congregation + GosT + Nocturnal Graves + Inconcessus Lux Lucis

Thu 31 October
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Fans of extreme metal have a reason to mark 31 October in their calendars: both halls of Doornroosje are reserved for a godless mass of epic proportions. We have already announced the dark and destructive main event at the end of March, but the first names are absolutely worth it: Deströyer 666, Dead Congregation, Nocturnal Graves and Inconcessus Lux Lucis.

The Australians of Deströyer 666 hardly ever play shows in Europe, but they will play a show in the Netherlands tonight. The band is known for their ruthless, blistering mix of black thrash metal.

The Greeks of Dead Congregation is quite well known within the death metal scene. The ruffian energy of their songs are injected with a large dose of doom and black metal influences. Recommended to fans of Incantation and Immolation.

Just like Deströyer the lads of Nocturnal Graves hail from Australia. The thrashy roots are still present, but on their most recent album “Titan” their overall sound is more layered, darker and slower-paced. The end result is all the heavier as a result.

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