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Minami Deutsch + The Myrrors

The sound of Japanese trio Minami Deutsch is so full of intense, repetitive rhythms that it has an almost hypnotizing effect. Their love for kraut rock legends like Can and Neu! is clearly audible. And if they also include their fascination for minimal techno, the result is nothing short of unique. The band was founded in 2014, starting off playing live in the crowded streets of Tokyo, and where they were discovered by Tokyo Psych Fest.

In 2016 Minami Deutsch recorded their first, self-titled album through English cult label Cardinal Fuzz Records and Tokyo-based Guruguru Brain. Last year their second album “With Dim Light” came out with the same winning formula on it as was available on the first. Highly recommended to fans of Can, Neu!, Kikagaku Moyo, Goat, Föllakzoid and Moon Duo.

Bekijk de foto's (The Myrrors)
Bekijk de foto's (Minami Deutsch)