Moddi is a Norwegian singer-songwriter that captivates his audience with sensitive and eccentric folk songs. He is also a narrator and activist under the name of Pål Moddi Knutsen. On his latest album “Like in 1968” he is inspired by the year 1968, as the title also implies. According to him it’s the most important year in history. The album is an ode to the ‘original’ activists, strikers and people who stood up for a better future. “It’s never too late to start dreaming again” is a telling part of his lyrics of one of his new songs.

Fifty years later we live in a world in ‘which anything can happen’ so perhaps it’s time for change. On this album, Moddi is thinking out loud whether we are capable of learning from our mistakes, but also if we have what it takes to improve the future, dreaming of a better world. It’s once more a current and interesting theme for his musical works.