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Monkey3 + The Machine

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31 Mar 2019
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We have had the pleasure of inviting Samsara Blues Experiment and Monkey3 for shows in Nijmegen before, but this is the first time they’ll both be here on the same night. These two relatively young psychedelic rock bands have earned their stripes and take brand new material to Doornroosje in March!

Samsara Blues Experiment from Berlin has been around for over ten yeats and is no unknown factor anymore in the stoner rock scene. They have managed to captivate audiences from Roadburn to FreakValley, playing extended songs with lots of room for psychedelic riffs and a heavy, relaxed bluesy groove. Samsara Blues Experiment is just as strong on stage as they are in the studio. The successor to “One With the Universe” (2017) is on its way.

Swiss band Monkey3 also excels at playing grand and engaging songs with loads of clever tempo changes, quiet intermezzos and numerous parts in which all hell breaks loose. The Swiss are grandmasters in creating kaleidoscopic soundscapes and manage to play these in such a manner that you hardly even notice that most of their music has no lyrics whatsoever. This is space rock of the highest quality that reminds us of heroes of yore like Pink Floyd, Yes and Ozric Tentacles.

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