MONO + Jo Quail

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Japanese instrumental rock band MONO has been creating their own special blend of post-rock since 1999, in which they have mastered the art of dynamic variation to an art.

Many of their songs have dreamy sections that have you drift away on a sea of echoes, only to crash down hard with thundering noise rock. In 2016 their ninth album “Requiem for Hell” came out which featured a new career highlight in the form of the seventeen minute title song. Their brand new album “Nowhere Now Here” came out recently and fits their impressive earlier works like a glove. MONO sounds great on record, but live they truly manage to excel. It is absolutely amazing how they manage to translate the songs to the stage. This is highly recommended to fans of Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

MONO’s adventurous spirit is also reflected in their support act Jo Quail. This experimental cellist manages to mesmerize her audience by looping her electronic cello and combining the sounds with atonal and rich orchestration on a bed of percussion.

photo: Chigi Kanbe.

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